Women's League

As women, we have a very special gifts that we can share with others in our parish our community and throughout the world. As Catholics, we are called to use these gifts to serve others and we do this in Jesus' name. Mary, the Mother of God and of our Church, gave us the perfect example of how we as women are called to do His work in our community. Here at St. Mary's we have an organization to do just that. The St. Mary's Women's League comes together in prayer, in service and socially in order to grow as women of our faith. We meet monthly to discuss the needs of our parish and community and to schedule events, which enable us to serve God through others.

We invite you to join us the second Sunday of each month at 9 A.M. in the Parish Hall and experience the joy of being a part of this growing Christian group.

Contact Us

Connie Clingan - President

Email: connieclingan@hotmail.com

Phone: 901.522.5420